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There is always hope in humanity

This report offers an insight into the journey of Project Lift since our last progress report, celebrating the successes, reflecting on what we have learnt and achieved, and setting out our commitments for the coming year.

Transforming care,
starting with you

We remain an ambitious whole-system approach to enhance leadership capability and capacity in Health and Social Care in Scotland and here we share the progress around our 2019 commitments with transparency and reflection.

It provides a summary of what has been achieved and enabled by Project Lift to date, the impact shown, and what the Project Lift team aims to take forward through 2020-21 in collaboration with others across the system.

Due to publish in June 2020, the response to the COVID pandemic led to a re-prioritisation and subsequent September release. Our data point for statistics is 31st July 2020 and our narrative shows the movement through this period into our thinking for 2021.

Queries, comments and feedback are welcomed – please contact us 

Project Lift Report Sections

Executive Summary

Our overview of the commitments we made, the past year, our challenges and learning and our ambtion and intentions for the year to come.

Read the Executive Summary


Engagement is all connection with people, teams and systems in Health and Social Care. From community activities and individual conversations to communications and engagement activity and our app and websites. It’s all valuable insight, feedback and relationship building.

Read more about Engagement

Talent Management

Using our Leadership Profile we are providing a mechanism to identify those at all levels of our services showing the greatest potential to develop into our leaders of the future.

Read more about Talent Management

Leadership Development

Bringing the ethos into the heart of leadership development to provide a wide range of opportunities for leaders at all levels in the organisation and catering for a range of appetite and experience.

Read more about Leadership Development

Values Based Recruitment

Bringing shared values into the heart of our recruitment processes for senior leaders in NHS Scotland using a Once for Scotland Values Based Recruitment approach.

Read more about VBR

Performance Appraisal

The performance appraisal systems at senior and executive level within the NHS which put people at the centre of everything we do.

Read more about Performance Appraisal

The Coming Year

Looking to 20/21 and setting out our hopes and ambitions with a focus on listening to and working with those in our communities, those we collaborate with and those whose collective wisdom has helped us navigate our ever-evolving context.

Read more about the coming year

‘It has been a year of growth and development: in our reach, our work, our collaboration and, most importantly, our understanding. Yet we are still only a short way into this journey for Health and Social Care and there is still much to engage with.’

One of our proudest achievements this year has been widening the reach of Project Lift to welcome those engaged in social care and the third sector, areas that have welcomed us and enriched our understanding of the lived experiences in the wider health and social care system.

What the numbers say

SAQs completed
App Users
Career Conversations booked
Collaborating to connect more widely

We can’t do this work in isolation. It’s all about collaboration, community and relationships.

Although our dedicated team has not expanded over the past year, the number of those who work with us as part of our extended, collaborative team has increased significantly.
This has enabled the connections to reach wider across health and social care, the third sector, charities, academia and other elements of the public sector.